CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

  Community Supported Agriculture is an innovative model of running a farm whereby customers sign up as Annual Farm Members, and then the Farmer grows their food and delivers it throughout the season.  There are no middle men, just a direct partnership between Farmer and Members.

  While most CSAs are vegetable farms, we have applied the model to pasture-raised meat.  When you purchase a Share from our farm, you are paying in advance for an assortment of frozen meat that will be delivered to your home on a monthly basis for a year.  Your money will be used to purchase and raise animals on the farm.  They are slaughtered in the most humane way possible, and then taken to a local butcher who cuts and packages the meat.  We store all the meat in our freezers and put together shares for delivery to our members on a monthly basis.  You can choose to receive 10 lbs of meat each month as a Full-Size Share, or if that's too much meat, you can receive 10 lbs every other month with our Half-Size Share.