Local Partner Farms

The majority of the meat raised for our CSA members comes from our farm in Oregon City. However, our farm is only 15 acres, so we’ve been creating relationships with fellow like-minded farmers who are just as passionate about raising animals the right way.

All of them are small-scale family farms located in the vicinity of Portland. We’ve assured their welfare standards are as high as our own and we’re proud to have them raise animals for us.

Martson Farm.jpg

Martson Farm

Located in Molalla, Oregon

Sue and Rick Martson raise all of the beef for our CSA. They have been breeding Scottish Highland Cattle for decades and do an amazing job. Highland Cattle are a smaller breed with horns and a shaggy coat that thrive being ranged outdoors on grass.

Website: Martson Farm

Croakers Crossing.jpg

Croakers Crossing Farm

Located in Beaverton, Oregon

Jenna and Dave are helping us raise free-range chickens. They have a multi-species farm where cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks all intermingle on the pastures. Red Rangers are a breed of chicken that grows more slowly, which allows them to be healthy and energetic. Their farm is part of the Oregon Pasture Network.

Website: Croakers Crossing Farm

Moonlight Farm.jpg

Moonlight Farm

Located in Sweet Home, Oregon

Mary and Brian Moon help raise lamb for the CSA. They are Animal Welfare Approved and part of the Oregon Pasture Network. They breed and raise Katahdin sheep, which shed their wool in the spring and produce incredible tasting lamb.

Website: Moonlight Farm

Campfire Farms.jpg

Campfire Farm

Located in Beavercreek, Oregon

Christina and Zach are in the process of converting an old Christmas tree farm into healthy pastures using pigs to plow up the fields and return fertility to the land. They are dedicated to raising great pork and we’re happy to include their animals in the CSA.

Website: Campfire Farms

Hidden River Farms.jpg

Hidden River Farm

Located in Montesano, Washington

Evan and Lucia have an awesome farm where they grow organic peas and grains and breed heritage pigs. The pigs fertilize the fields, and the peas and grains feeds the pigs! We are excited to be starting a partnership with them to raise some of the pigs for our CSA.

Website: Hidden River Farms